Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to See a Ghost

Courtesy of The Connor Hotel

About $100. That's what it costs to get a very good chance to see a real live (err.. dead) ghost! The Connor Hotel in Jerome, Arizona is one of the best opportunities to get up close and personal with the paranormal. This century-old hotel has been burned down and rebuilt 3 times, and some say that the ghosts of the former residents still walk the halls.

These aren't evil or menacing ghosts though; they are actually quite friendly. From the white lady in room #1, to the singing Native American in room #2, to the ghostly cat that wanders the hall, to the tech-savvy ghost in room #5 that likes to turn electronic devices on and off; all of the ghosts in the Connor Hotel are both friendly and good company. With so many ghosts in a small building, your chances of seeing one of them is very high. In-fact, Jerome has been called "Ghost City," and "The World's Largest Ghost Town." Just across the street from the Connor Hotel, you find the city park, an elevated, green square with swings and simple playground equipment. In this park, you can find another ghost.

The "ghost in the park" is said to be that of a little girl who loves the swingset. Residents of Jerome delight in the fact that on any given day, you can go to this park, and see a swingset with two swings. One of the swings will be perfectly still, and the other will be swinging back and forth, as if carrying an invisible passenger. To make this site even more puzzling, a flagpole also sits at the edge of the park, and debunks the theory that the swing is being moved by wind. While the swing goes back and forth, the paper-light flag remains motionless.

If you still haven't seen a ghost by the time you have checked into the Connor Hotel and visited the park, you have another opportunity only feet away...

Paul and Jerry's Saloon is one of the oldest buildings in Jerome, and features a long, hundred-year old bar, complete with globe lights, gold ornaments, and overwhelming style. This building is home to a few other ghosts. It may be tough to tell the customers of the bar from an actual ghost (they both look lost and out of place, and a little drunk), but as the lights flicker above the bar, everyone voices to the ghosts that they recognize their presence, and are happy to have them.

Nearly every building in this ghost town is haunted, from the flatiron building to the clubhouse (the third installment of the United Verde Hospital) to the Jerome Grand Hotel (The fourth installation of the United Verde Hospital that was completed in 1927).

Yes, touted as the most haunted city in the world, Jerome is your best bet to see a ghost in your lifetime. Room rates at the Connor Hotel are usually around $90-$120 per night, have very comfortable dressings, and will put you right in the heart of the most haunted streets in the world.