Friday, December 17, 2010

Haunted Places of Arizona

Do you believe in haunted houses? Do you believe that apparitions are real, and that ghosts still reside in homes and schools and hotels and in the desert? Here are some of the most famous stories of hauntings in Arizona. If you've ever met one of these ghosts or experienced a haunted place in Arizona, let me know about it!
Many of these haunted Arizona places can't be visited, since they are on private property. Please check first before you try to witness any ghostly happenings on your own.

At the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona, many people have reported singing and talking in the balcony and a man who walks across the stage. You'll also find out about ghosts and hauntings at The Aztec House Antique Shop, Big Nose Kate's Saloon where cowboy ghosts roam, Nellie Cashman's Restaurant where items move about on their own, the Wells Fargo Bank Building, Shieffelin Hall where town hall meeting have more attendees than they are supposed to, and Boot Hill Cemetery, where some folks just won't totally die.

In Patagonia, in southern Arizona, the Patagonia Market has an unknown ghost who moves things around, makes noises, and plays with squeaky toys in the night.

There are many haunted locations in Tucson, Arizona. There's a dead principal who still visits Bloom Elementary School, Centennial Hall is inhabited by a good ghost and a bad ghost, and at the Davis Bilingual School people have been touched by the ghost residing there, doors open and close themselves, and faucets turn themselves on and off. At the Radisson Hotel a girl moans for help near the ballrooms. At the University of Arizona, a woman runs to escape her attacker.

In Yuma, at the territorial prison, spirits pinch visitors to the museum, and play with the change in the store.

In Nogales the St. Andrews Episcopal Church is said to have been built on Indian burial grounds, and they come back to attend services now and then.